Hello Homo sapiens!

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Welcome to the ‘Academy of Bio-sciences’… An institution for your career education.

We assume you would have a challenging experience in being with us to attain your inner best and develop self confidence for your future competitive examinations, research and further studies.

Hope our support and encouragement would ensure you to improve your potential.

Wishing you best of learning.

9 thoughts on “Hello Homo sapiens!

  1. I have had the opportunity to be Dr. Biswas’s student which was life changing for me. It gave me an amazing insight into the world of biology. I developed an enthusiasm for learning biology and had various gainful experiences.

  2. I feel very lucky to be the x student of Biswas sir and maam..the teaching is awesome and very interactive…i learned as well as enjoyed the classes and just developed more interest in biology…never had such teachers in my life..

  3. Drs Biswas have been the guiding light in my life in so many more ways than just in the field of education. They are two of the most genuine persons I have known, committed to bringing out the best in their students. Their teaching style is unique, and very effective. And the life lessons ma’am imparts while teaching Biology goes a long way towards making her students better people.

  4. I feel lucky to meet these two teachers- Dr. S. Biswas and Dr. A. Biswas who changed my life , my way of thinking and really helped me to achieve my goals. You both are best teachers and a source of great inspiration. Beautiful slides, amazing presentations and nice explanation of each and every topic by both of you made biology very easy to learn.

  5. I feel blessed to have known Dr Aman Biswas Mam and Dr Subroto Biswas Sir; my two wonderful biology teachers.
    Their Great lectures, beautiful and easy explanation, in depth knowledge of the subject is just amazing . I love biology even more cos of them ; the way they made this vast subject so easy to understand is just phenomenal. I absolutely admire these two beautiful human beings.They got Immense wisdom , lot
    Of experience ,positive vibes and great energy which is so contagious. Honestly what I wrote doesn’t do justice in defining their teaching capabilities .
    Just want to thank you guys !!!I’m so very grateful.. Forever and ever .
    God bless you both
    Jasmine xoxo

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